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Our "Dalkeith" dance sessions will now allow hand holding, but please sanitise on the way in, hand holding or not.
Our next Away Game for Saturday Dalkeith sessions is 10 July (we will relocate to Nedlands Uniting Church).

Dance during Covid-19

There are rules for operating with limited contact - see our Covid dance guidelines.
Requests should be emailed to Ask to be put on our news email list, and we'll keep you informed of changes.

Welcome to PID

Perth International Dance runs regular traditional dance classes around Perth, Western Australia.
We also present workshops in schools and festivals, develop choreographies for schools, host touring dance teachers and sometimes present demonstration performances.

Covid safe editions of our newsletter Grapevine are now available to view or download.

Our Calendar

Our Regular Sessions

The following are suspended - the venue is not available.

Session Teachers

Jennifer Eyre / Jenny Currell teach all Friday sessions,
Jennifer Eyre teaches the East Fremantle River sessions,
John Whaite teaches the Dalkeith Easy sessions,
Palenque Blair teaches the Albany sessions.

Monday Saturday

We are reviewing our teaching schedule in the world of covid. This information may change without notice.

** Coming Events **

Grand Bal de Chidlow

Sat 19 June 2021 5:00-9:00 pm

Grand Bal de Chidlow

Not a PID event, but ...
Take a trip to the bush, for a bush dance with a difference.
The Grand Bal de Chidlow is a French Bal, with French music played live.
The band is usually accordionists Yami and Anna Daw, hurdy-gurdy and fiddle player Russell Johnsen, cornemeuse player Tom Walwyn, Emanuelle Daw on flute and John Daw on percussion.
Come and see why the Bal is a French favourite.

Chidlow Hall, 2130 Old Northam Rd, Chidlow WA 6556.

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Wed 7 July Committee Zoom Meeting

Alternate Venue

Sat 10 July 2021 1:45-2:40 / 2:45-4:45 pm

Dalkeith Hall is unavailable on the second Saturday of most months.
Both our Saturday Dalkeith sessions are relocated to Nedlands Uniting Church, 237 Princess Rd, Nedlands.

Albany Folk and Shanty Festival

Sat 10 July 2021 3:00-6:00 pm

Not a PID event but ...
Palenque will be leading an International Dance Workshop with some members of The Last Five Coins at the Albany Folk and Shanty Festival.

Snow Party night

Mon 26 July 2021 7:15 pm

It's party time and the theme is "Snow".
Wear white, or ski gear!!! Bring some snacks to share, and invite your friends - we'll be doing lots of easy dances.

Wed 18 Aug Committee Zoom Meeting

Wed 29 Sep Committee Zoom Meeting

Wed 10 Nov Committee Zoom Meeting

Queen's Birthday Monday

Mon 27 Sep 2021 7:15 pm

Queen's birthday session.

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