Dance Sessions

Friday Morning Dancing will be in the Darlington Hall, Owen Rd for the next month or so. Times unchanged: 9:30am - 11:00am.

During May on Saturdays we will have three teachers; Jenny Shah, as a new teacher with our group on Saturdays; and Jenny Currell and Jennifer Eyre

Monday and Saturday Session Times

New Dalkeith session times - Monday 6:45-8:45 pm and Saturday 1:45-3:45 pm.

Introduced in August 2023.

Welcome to PID

Perth International Dance (PID) runs regular traditional dance classes around Perth and Albany, Western Australia.
We also present workshops in schools and festivals, develop choreographies for schools, host touring dance teachers and sometimes present demonstration performances.
PID events are events of Perth International Folk Dance Group Inc.

Various editions of our newsletter Grapevine are now available to view or download.

Our Calendar

Our Regular Sessions

Session Teachers

Monday Saturday

Jennifer teaches the East Fremantle River sessions,
Jennifer and Jenny share the Hills sessions,
Palenque Blair teaches the Albany sessions.

We continue to review our teaching schedule in the world of Covid. This information may change without notice and may not be up-to-date.

Planned Teaching Programme

Dalkeith Monday sessions in 2023 will continue to be largely revision of popular dances - a curated selection of new and old favourites. An occasional feature dance may be taught from time to time.

Dalkeith Saturday sessions, at the new time of 1:45, have reverted to teaching for about one hour followed by a playlist selected by the teacher. Let the teacher know if you would like to request a particular dance

Past Teaching Programme

Check here for dances taught in recent months and over the years Recent Teaching

** Recent and forthcoming Events **

Le Petit Bal - Monthly from 14th April - 5:30pm until late. North Perth Lesser Hall, 24 View St.

In the beginning there were Bals in France, then there was Le Grand Bal de Chidlow and soon there will be 'The Petit Bal' in Perth and it will held monthly at the North Perth Lesser Hall, 24 View St.

The first session will be on Sunday 14th April starting at 5:30pm and going on until late.

The focus will be on French dancing. It's aimed at all ages and all cultures; anyone really who wants to have fun dancing and get lots of exercise. There will be couples dances, Mazurkas, Schottisches, Waltzes, Polkas and Polskas; circle dances and line dances; and dances such as the Andro, Gavotte de l’Aven, Branle, Rond de St Vincent, Cercle Circassien, Chappeloise, Cercle Valse. The Group supports this new venture. Why not go along and try it out on 14th April?

Tuesday Evening - Inaugural Weekly Israeli Session.

New Perth International Dance class in Midland. The Tuesday evening class, 6:45-8:15pm, started 23rd January. The class is aimed at dancers with at least some dance experience and will be mostly Israeli dances. The venue is the Ascension Parish Hall in Spring Park Road, near the Midland Town Hall within easy walking distance of the Midland Train Station. It will be run by Jenny Currell and Jenny Shah.

Fairbridge Festival / Cancelled on 6 March.

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