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Coffee Mug Artwork Competition

The Winner

The winner of our Mug Artwork Competition is the Bulgarian Circle Dance watercolour by Boriana Todorova!

Congratualtions and thanks, Boriana!


It was a close race, with Martin William's design being the runner up.

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Shortlisted Entries

We had a total of 23 artworks submitted for the competition, so we had a primary vote to select a shortlist of 4 designs.

These are the shortlisted designs.

Zoom Mug 23


Zoom Mug 25


Zoom Mug 57


Zoom Mug 72




Mug 72 Front


Mug 72 Middle


Mug 72 Back


The Competition Process

Email Voting

PID members can vote at the various classes or by email to by 31 May.

Please nominate your preferred design in order, e.g. 1st Mug 99, 2nd Mug 88, 3rd Mug 77

NOTE: email votes will be scaled down because the web view may be misleading. Vote in person if possible.

Competition Details

The rules for competition entry:

  • Anyone can submit artwork,
  • The winner will be selected by a vote by members of PID,
  • The artwork must include our name "Perth International Dance"
  • The artwork may include our logo, but this is not essential,
  • The winner will receive a set of 6 printed mugs, and no other benefit,
  • Entrants other than the winner will receive only a big "Thank you",
  • Perth International Dance will have the right to print mugs with the winning artwork for free,
  • All other intellectual property rights will remain with the original artist(s)

The mugs will have a full colour wrap around print, covering the entire cup except the handle area. The print size is 70 x 200 mm, the cup circumference is 250mm.


PID members can vote at the various classes. Voting 20 - 23 May will select a shortlist, and the final vote will be 28 - 30 May. Also, absent members will be able to vote by email, but their vote will reduced because they won't have seen the mocked up entries.

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Updated July 2016

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