Perth International Dance
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Playlists and Tracks List

Download these playlists for our Monday and Saturday sessions, and a list of the tracks we've played.

These are NOT recordings of the music, just lists of the dance names.

These playlists are extracted from iTunes. They are not a reliable record of what has been taught or played - a track can be added to a playlist but not played, and a track can be played without being added to a playlist.

Note also that these lists are not updated immediately, and could be a couple of months out of date.

2019 Playlists

Monday 2019

Monday 2019 Teaching

Saturday 2019

Saturday 2019 Teaching

2018 Playlists

Monday 2018

Monday 2018 Teaching

Saturday 2018

Saturday 2018 Teaching

2017 Playlists

Monday 2017

Monday 2017 Teaching

Saturday 2017

Saturday 2017 Teaching

2016 Playlists

Monday 2016

Monday 2016 Teaching

Saturday 2016

Saturday 2016 Teaching

2015 Playlists

Monday 2015

Monday 2015 Teaching

Saturday 2015

Saturday 2015 Teaching

Prior Years

Monday 2008-2014

Monday 2008-2014 Teaching

Saturday 2008-2014

Saturday 2008-2014 Teaching

Martin's List

Monday 1995-2009 Teaching as collected by Martin Williams

Tracks played

Tracks played more than once, and the date last played.

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Updated May 2017

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