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New Rules of Association

At our 2018 AGM, members were presented with new Rules of Association. These will replace our existing Constitution.

There is a new WA government Act (Associations Incorporation Act 2015), and our rules have to comply with this.

Revised Rules must be approved by the members and submitted to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, by 30 June 2019.

Endorsed Rules

Our proposed new Rules are based on the Model Rules provided by the Department.

Proposed Rules

Department Model Rules

Existing Constitution (Rules)

Changes to Model Rules

When reading the Model Rules and Proposed Rules, we are a Tier 1 organisation. Also, while we use the name "Perth International Dance", our legal name is "Perth International Folk Dance Group Inc".


In 2015, the WA government introduced new laws for "Not for Profit" groups like ours, and we must ensure our Rules comply with the Act.

For smaller groups like ours, who don't have the resources and legal expertise to ensure compliance, the Department of Commerce produced Model Rules. An organisation can use the Model Rules without further effort.

The PID Committee reviewed the Model Rules and propose to use those Rules with some alterations. We aim to have the smallest number of alterations possible.

Changes from Model Rules

The proposed rules differ from the Model rules in 5 areas:

1. An index has been added,

2. Rule 2 has been replaced with essential information, and

3. Rule 45 "Quorum for Committee Meetings" has a special quorum increased from 2 to 3.

4. Rule 55 "Quorum for Committee Meetings" has a special quorum increased from 2 to 3.

5. Rule 62 "Control of Funds" has various changes.

The index is useful, and shouldn't have any impact.

There is some essential information that did not need to be in the Rules if the Model Rules were used unchanged, including the name and objects of the Association. By including this information, the Model Rule 2 was no longer required.

There were some extreme specific circumstances when the committee or general meeting quorum was reduced to 2. We increased this to 3.

The Control of Funds rules were too prescriptive for us to continue with our current methods. We have arrangements with the Hills group and other parts of the organisation that are convenient for the volunteers. We believe the revised wording provides better protection against misuse of funds while allowing arrangements appropriate to the amounts of money we deal with.

The committee would like to thank Pam Gunn and Trish Eyre for their diligent review of and contribution to the proposed rules.

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Updated August 2017

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