From time to time we publish our newsletter "Grapevine" with tales of our activities and our members' travels.

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December 2020 Grapevine

July 2020 CovidSafe Grapevine

May 2020 CovidSafe Grapevine 2

May 2020 CovidSafe Grapevine


December 2019 Grapevine
... and holiday supplement.

October 2019 André Tribute

December 2018 Grapevine

December 2018 Red Faces Extra

December 2017 Grapevine, with supplements Paula's travels and Leone's Red Faces

December 2016 Grapevine

November 2016 40th Anniversary Issue

December 2015 Grapevine, with supplements Paula's travels and Gisela's travels

Nov 2014 Grapevine with supplements:

June 2014 Grapevine

December 2013 Grapevine

December 2012 Grapevine

December 2012 Grapevine Martin & Pam

December 2012 Grapevine Extra Photos

November 2011 Grapevine

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