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National Folk Festival

Canberra - 2007

Nine members of our group performed and ran workshops at the National Folk Festival in Canberra over the Easter Weekend 5th-9th April 2007. We also attended many other dance and music events and had a great time.

Our main performance was at the Piazza venue on Friday.

Rov Brachot from Israel

Zvarniara from Greece

Nina, Palenque, Jennifer and Jenny in Rustemul
The girls - Jenny, Jennifer and Palenque - lead on then Palenque, John and others in Ijswalz from Holland
Our three 'Armenians' Jenny, Jennifer and Palenque perform Ashke Jerazanke

Peter, John and others in Garoon

Ovive Yerk - the Shephard's Song

and the boys performing - Peter, John and Martin in Opas

and now to Turkey - Hopa Horanu

and finally Muhtarin Oglu Ali - Martin, Jennifer, John, Jennifer, Palenque, Nina, Peter, Joyce, Pam

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