Past Events

Fairbridge Festival Workshop

Sun 11 Apr 2021 3:30 - 4:30 pm

Palenque, John and Yamuna Daw presented a workshop of easy dances at the Fairbridge Festival.
The theme was a European Holiday, recognising that we can't holiday during the pandemic.
The dances taught were Hanter Dro/An Dro, Il Ballo dei Gobbi, Damat Halayi, Rada Pere, Fado Blanquita and Derniere Danse.
And thanks to the Fairbridge organisers for giving us this opportunity under such risky circumstances.

Fairbridge Festival Kids Workshop

Sat 10 Apr 2021 9:00 - 10:00 am

Palenque, Lee Jones and Michelle Goldblatt presented a workshop of children's dances at the Fairbridge Festival.
2021 Fairbridge Kids
And thanks to the Fairbridge organisers for giving us this opportunity under such risky circumstances.

Perth Town Hall Performance

Sat 30 Mar 2021 11:20 - 12 noon

Our performers presented a selection of dances from around the Balkans for Perth city's Tuesday Morning Show, hosted by Bernard Carney. Between dances, Martin Williams talked about the background, culture and costumes of the associated regions.
It was well received by an audience of about 200 people, and the performers enjoyed being up on stage again.
Well done Pam Gunn for managing the event, Martin Williams for the slide show, and Jenny Currell for choreographing.

2021 Perth Town Hall 1 2021 Perth Town Hall 2
2021 Perth Town Hall 3 2021 Perth Town Hall 4

FDA Romanian Zoom Workshop

Sat 13 Mar 2021 08:00 - 10:00 am

PID arranged a venue where WA members of Folk Dance Australia joined a zoom based workshop with Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu, internationally renown Romanian dance teachers, at All Saints Uniting Church Hall, 50 Berkely Crescent, Floreat..

It was a very successful event, and PID learnt how to set up the hall for our future zoom workshops.
Thanks Maria for pushing this and liaising with FDA, and a big thanks to Jenny & John Bardill who found the venue, the projection equipment, visited the venue, transported equipment, and even underwrote the event. How lucky is PID!


Hello Dalkeith Hall

Sat 9 January 2021

Our first day at our new venue, Dalkeith Hall.

Monday EOCY / Wake Party

Mon 21 December 2020

Our End Of Calendar Year / Wake Party for Nedlands Monday dancers - a wake for our time at St Margaret's Church Hall, a fond farewell after 22 years.

The theme was Black.

2020 Monday Wake 12020 Monday Wake 2
2020 Monday Wake 32020 Monday Wake 4

Saturday EOCY/Xmas Party

Sat 19 December 2020 10:00 am

The End Of Calendar Year / Christmas party for Nedlands dancers, with a Red, White and Silver theme - a treat in the days of the covid pandemic.
Thanks Jenny B for your oversight of this event.

2020 Sat Xmas 12020 Sat Xmas 2
2020 Sat Xmas 32020 Sat Xmas 4

Hills EOCY/Xmas Party

Fri 18 December 2020 9:30 am

The End Of Calendar Year / Christmas gathering for Hills dancers, and flatlander visitors. After dancing, we retired to Clare and Dave's for a shared lunch.

2020 Hills Xmas

Annual General Meeting/ Life Memberships

Sat 28 November 2020 11:00am

Our AGM elected

  • John Whaite - Chairperson
  • Jenny Currell - Treasurer
  • Anne Griffiths - Committee Member
  • Jenny Bardill - Committee Member
  • Leigh Richmond - Committee Member
  • Louise Scott - Committee Member

And we were pleased to confer the title of Life Member on Jenny and John Bardill. Thank you both!!!

Life Members

Have a Go Day

Wed 11 Nov 2020, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Have a Go Day

PID took part in the "Have a Go Day" event at Burswood Park, including a flash mob with about 20 dancers doing Damat Halayi.
Thanks for organising this go to the Promotions Subcommittee - Paula Schneider, Jennifer Eyre and Trish Eyre.

Burswood Park, Burswood.

Have a Go Day Map

Special Armenian Lesson

Sat 31 Oct, 10:00 am

The dancers at Jenny Currell's Armenian dance hour. This weekend was planned as a major Armenian / Gypsy workshop with Tineke and Maurits Van Geel, but was cancelled due to covid, so we had an Armenian 'tour' in lieu.
Thanks Jenny!

Armenian session dancers

Hills Spring Party

Fri 25 Sep 2020 9:30am

The Hills dancers welcomed flatlanders to the Hills Spring Party. We got to see how the other half lives (spoiler - it's the same).

Hills Spring Party  Hills Spring Party 2

Saturday 19th Birthday

Sat 29 August 2020 10:15am

Saturday 19th birthday 1  Saturday 19th birthday 2

The Saturday group celebrated 19 years of dancing, with cake and a photo with masks, to remind us of our time with Covid.

Grand Bal de Chidlow

Saturday 11 July 2020, 5:00-9:00pm

Grand Bal de Chidlow

Not a PID event, but ...
A few of our Perth dancers took a trip, to join in the Grand Bal de Chidlow.
It was, as usual, a fun evening with enthusiastic dancers, pot-luck dining, and live music by the Daw family.

Chidlow Hall, 2130 Old Northam Rd, Chidlow WA 6556.

Download the Poster

Hills Dance Resumed

Fri 12 June 2020 9:30am

Hills dancing resumed at Glen Forrest Hall with pandemic restrictions. It's good to be back!!!

Pandemic Dance Resumed

Sat 30 May 2020 10:15am

Nedlands Pandemic Dance

We resumed our Nedlands dance sessions, but with only 15 dancers due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.
The Monday sessions resumed on 8 June, and the Saturday Intro on 4 July.

Pandemic Zoom Dance

Sat 25 Apr 2020 10:00am

We started half hour on-line dance sessions using the Zoom meeting platform, at first with members but later with anyone who wanted to join us.

Romanian Workshop Cancelled

Weekend 28-29 Mar 2020

Our planned workshop with touring Romanian choreographers / teachers Marius and Maria Ursu was cancelled.
On 19 March they cut short their tour as the covid-19 pandemic took hold and borders were closing.

Ursu Romanian Workshop

Ursu Romanian Workshop 2

Pandemic Shutdown

Mon 23 Mar 2020

All our activites were brought to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Grand Bal de Chidlow

Sun 23 Feb 5:00-9:00 pm

Grand Bal de Chidlow

Not a PID event, but ...
Several PID dancers attended the French Bal in Chidlow, with dances called by our teacher John Whaite, and music provided by Emmanuelle Daw and her daughter Yami and Anna.

Chidlow Hall, 2130 Old Northam Rd, Chidlow WA 6556.

Download the Poster

Curtin Uni O Week Performance

Thur 20 Feb 2020 10:30am

Our performance troupe entertained the early rising students at Curtin University's Orientation Week.

2020 Curtin Uni O Week 2020 Curtin Uni O Week
2020 Curtin Uni O Week 2020 Curtin Uni O Week

Curtin University, Atkinson Forum

Monday Xmas Party

Mon 16 Dec 2019 6:40pm

We celebrate the end of year and Xmas season with some favourite Monday dances and our favourite band - The Last Five Coins.

2019_Monday_Xmas_Party 2019_Monday_Xmas_Party
2019_Monday_Xmas_Party 2019_Monday_Xmas_Party

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Saturday Xmas Party

Sat 14 Dec 2019 10:15am

We celebrated the end of year and Xmas season with some favourite Saturday dances.

2019_Saturday_Xmas_Party 2019_Saturday_Xmas_Party
2019_Saturday_Xmas_Party 2019_Saturday_Xmas_Party

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

2019 AGM

Mon 23 Nov 2019 8:15pm

Our AGM elected the committee for the coming year, and confirmed the existing life members.

Hills Spring Party

Fri 18 October 9:30 - 11:30 am

The Hills group held their Spring Dance Party 9:30 - 11:30 am, before retiring to Jenny Currell's for a shared lunch.

Glen Forrest Hall, cnr Statham St and Marnie Rd, Glen Forrest.

Albany Launch

Sat 12 Oct 2019 2:00pm

Palenque started classes for kids and adults in Albany - well done Palenque, and maybe we need to become WA International Dance!

Uniting Church Hall (Albert Hall), 12 Duke St, Albany.

André Farewell Workshop

Weekend 5-6 October 2019

Kaye Laurendet, André's van de Plas's Australian collaborator, presented a workshop of dances to commemorate the late André's contribution to our group.

Kaye is based in Sydney and runs an active dance group in Sutherland shire. Kaye arranged André's visits, and wrote the English version of his dance notes.

Before his passing, André sent Kaye some material for 12 dances in his planned 2019 tour, of which she presented 10.

André Tribute Grapevine.

The dances reflect André's unique ability to select wonderful music and dances.


Dances taught, origin and popularity votes were:

Dance name Origin Votes
Al Bint Al Shalabiya Lebanon 11
Braul Lui Ion din Slatina Romania 10
Gjushevska Râchenica Bulgaria 9
De Secerat Romania 7
Damat Halayi Turkey 6
Moma Odi Za Voda Macedonia 6
Sfarlis Greece 5
Piyan Ot Merak Bulgaria 4
Edno Maloj Mome Macedonia 3
Rosen der Liebe Germany 3

See the poster.

And a list of all the dances André taught in Australia.

Saturday's 18th Birthday

Sat 7 September 2019 10:15am - 12:30 pm

The Saturday group celebrated 18 years of dance with a flower-themed session, nibbles, and lots of easier dances.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Macedonian Party

Mon 8 July 2019 7:15pm

As Scomo said, "How good was PID's Macedonian party!". It was Very Good. We had a very good evening of dance with live Macedonian music by touring Macedonian musicians, multi-instrumentalist Stefche Stojkovski and accordionist Dushko Bozhinovski, with local kaval master and dance teacher Petre Georgievski.

2019_Macedonian Party 2019_Macedonian Party
2019_Macedonian Party 2019_Macedonian Party

Altone Alive Festival

5 May 2019

PID performance troupe presented a short performance and teaching at the Altone Alive festival in Beechboro.

It was a performance first for Arek, Tuna and Tamer, so welcome to the team guys!

2019_Altone Alive_Festival

Blind Dance Session

5 May 2019

Even blind people can lead a folk dance!


New Rules of Association

1 Apr 2019

Our new Rules of Association were formally accepted by the Department of Mines.

National Folk Festival

18-22 Apr 2019

PID presented three dance workshop at the Australian National Folk Festival in Canberra.

John Whaite with Marie Wynter taught Albanian dances that John learnt in Albania in 2017, plus French Bal dances mazurka and scottish.


NFF website

Albany Sustainability Performance

Sat 23 Mar 2019

Some of our intrepid dancers ventured to Albany, to perform in the Albany Sustainability and Multicultural festival.

They performed twice, and several audience members expressed interest in learning the dances, so Palenque may be able to start sessions near her new home.

Rules of Association Passed

18 Mar 2019

Our new Rules of Association were voted on and passed at a Special General Meeting.

Under the leadership of Martin Williams, the PID committee has been working on new Rules of Association for over 3 years, to bring them in line with current legal requirements. They were overwhelmingly endorsed by the members at the SGM.

André's Passing

30 Jan 2019

On this day, our much loved visiting dance teacher André Van De Plas passed away.

André's contribution to Perth International Dance was unmatched by any other visiting teacher, bringing over 500 dances to nearly 30 workshops starting in 1986.

His choice of dances and music was impecable, as was his teaching style. He shared his teaching style with Australia by developing and leading the Folk Dance Australia Teacher Training Course, from which several of our teachers benefitted

But most all, André was a much loved friend to many of us.

Thanks for everything André - rest in peace.

Peter's Day

Sat 26 Jan 2019

We celebrated Peter Fallon's 65th birthday. After dancing, we got together with dancers from Peter's many groups to lunch at The Local cafe.


Peter has made an enourmous contribution to folk dance, as a dancer who everyone follows, and as a teacher, our first treasurer, and a world class cake maker!

Palenque's Life Membership

Sat 19 Jan 2019

Palenque Blair

At our regular Saturday session, we bid farewell to Palenque Blair who is moving to Denmark, WA, and we presented her with Life Membership.

Palenque will be sorely missed. She has been a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, dance co-ordinator, committee member, secretary and president.

Whenever we dance, we look to Palenque as a guide and an ideal.

We hope she will return regularly to Perth, and look forward to her spreading International Dance to Southwest WA.

Saturday Restart and Intro Course

Sat 5 Jan 2019

Hello 2019.

We started our 2019 "Intro to International Dance" course, and restarted our regular dance for 2019.

Dances taught in the Intro course include: Şetnja, Pravo Horo (Epimeno, Yaylalar, Hasapia, Jovano Jovanke), An Dro Retourné, Rond d'Argenton, Raghse Kurdi, Myloniatikos Syrtos, and Mom Bar.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Monday Xmas Party

Mon 17 Dec 2018 7:15pm

Thanks to all who made our Xmas party so much fun.

2018 Xmas Coins
The Last Five Coins

2018 Xmas Eating

2018 Xmas Dance

2018 Xmas Santa
Happy Xmas from Santa!

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Hora Shalom Party

Sun 16 Dec 2018 2-5pm

... not a PID event, but

Some of us joined Hora Shalom to celebrate the end of another year of dancing, with a Bollywood theme.

And Peter Fallon won the prize for best Bollywood costume. Congratulations Peter.

Saturday Xmas Party

Sat 15 Dec 2018 10:15am

We celebrated the end of year with lots of dancing and lots of food. We have traditions - Happy Xmas!

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

AGM / New Rules

Mon 26 Nov 2018 8:15pm

Our Annual General Meeting elected the new committee for 2019.

Thanks to Palenque and Steven for their service, and welcome Trish and Louise.

As special business, we are sought approval for a new Rules of Association (Constitution). We are obliged to do this so our Constitution is consistent with the Associations Incorporation Act 2015.

Details of proposed Rules of Association

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Have a Go Day

Weds 14 Nov 2018 9:50am

Have a Go Day is an event to promote community activities, and PID lead dance sessions at 9:50 and 11:30am.

There were about a dozen PID dancers, along with friends from Hora Shalom, dancing at Burswood Park.

Have a Go Day website.

Youngsters' Dance Starts

Sat 10 Nov 2018 11:15am

A 5 week series of half-hour dance sessions for youngsters started this Saturday.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Monday Polish Party

Mon 29 Oct 2018 7:15pm

Thanks to Melissa Lejman and friends for a memorable evening of Polish dance, and thanks all for the feast.

2018 Polish Party

Melissa taught Tropak and Klapok with a delightful energy, and Anna Madetko brought stunning costumes for us to admire.

(Some of us thought that dancing in those costumes would be good training for elite military units)

A big Thanks to Melissa, Anna and Kukuleczka Polish Dance Group, and to our Trish Eyre for co-ordinating the evening.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Turkish Republic Ball

Sat 27 Oct 2018 6:30pm

Our performance dancers were well received at the TACH Turkish Republic Ball.

2018 Turkish Ball

TACH (Turkish Australian Culture House) celebrated the 95 anniversary of the creation of the Turkish Republic, with a guest band flown in from Sydney for the event.

We were delighted to demonstrate some of our Turkish repertoire and join in the social dancing afterwards.

The event was organised by Tuna Dincer, one of our regular dancers and president of TACH.

Well done, Tuna!!!

See the poster.

Hills Spring Party

Fri 19 Oct 2018 9:30am

The Hills group held there Spring Party, with a Spring feast at Jenny's place afterwards.

Glen Forrest Hall, cnr Statham St and Marnie Rd, Glen Forrest.

Saturday Birthday Party

Sat 29 Sep 2018 10:15am

We celebrated 17 years of Saturday dancing, the theme being star-signs.

Congratulations to Peter Fallon, for dancing the whole evening with a flower pot on his head.

2018 Sat Birthday Party

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Red Faces 2018

Sat 15 Sep 2018 7 pm

Our annual descent into the stranger corners of family entertainment - we prepared for the worst and expected nothing less.

2018 Red Faces

With over 20 diverse acts, we enjoyed examining the curious interests of our fellow dancers.

This was a watershed event, with Leone stepping down from the role of co-ordinator, and Pam Massey stepping up.

A huge "Thank you" to Leone, who kicked the idea off in the 1990s and did the hard work ever since, and "Congratulations" to Pam Massey for a job well done, and thanks also to all the people who've contributed so much over many years!

Doors open at 7pm, the show starts at 7:30, and bring a plate (with finger food) to share for intermission.

Cost is $5 for adults, including performers, and children free.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

André Van De Plas Workshop

Weekend 30 June - 1 July 2018

Our planned workshop with André Van De Plas was cancelled, because André was stuck in Bali when the Mt Agung volcano erupted and prevented air travel.

So sad. Volcano 1, André & PID 0.

Workshop details

André 2018 poster

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands


Sun 12 Aug 2018 2:00pm

When Steven Janowiecki's left Australia, the Perth Contradance returned to the PID events program.

Steven's departure left a popular event without a formal organisation backing, so PID is pleased to take on this role.

The second Sunday of the month is now PID Contradance Sunday.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Fairbridge Festival

Sat 21 Apr 2018

At Fairbridge Festival, Western Australia's premier folk festival, PID presented a workshop in conjunction with The Last Five Coins

Our International Mixer Dance workshop was held in the Hoopla dance venue.

Fairbridge Festival

Introduction to International Dance

Sat 6 Jan 2018 9am

Our 4 week "Introduction to International Dance" course started with 10 dancers.

$30 for the full course ($25 students)

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

View the poster

Saturday Xmas Party

Sat 23 Dec 2017 10am-1pm

Saturday group's end of year party

Our Saturday Xmas party had friends, dance, food, live music by Steven and Amanda, and lots of kids.

Monday Xmas Party

Mon 18 Dec 2017 7:15 pm

We enjoyed a Xmas party with friends, food, and music by "The Last Five Coins"

2017 Monday Xmas Party

Nedlands Advanced Dance

Sun 17 Dec 2017 3pm

A few keen dancers joined in the final Nedlands Advanced Dance session for the year

This is a co-operative venture - dancers request, learn and teach the dances.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Hills Xmas Party

Fri 15 Dec 2017 9:30 am

The Hills group's ended the year with dancing at the Parkerville Hall, followed by shared lunch at Clare and David's beautiful country house.

A big thanks for hosting us - Clare and David

2017 Hill Xmas Party

Youngsters' Dance Course 4

Finished Sat 9 Dec 2017

The last of the Youngsters' Dance sessions for 2017 was on 9 December.

2017 Youngster's Course

Hills Advanced Dance

Wed 13 Dec 2017 10:15am

For 2017, the last of Jenny Currell's advanced dance sessions in the Hills.

AGM with benefits

Mon 27 Nov 2017 8:15 pm

Our Annual General Meeting made a few changes to committee

President - John Bardill

Vice President - Jenny Bardill

Secretary - Martin Williams

Treasurer - John Whaite

Members - Palenque Blair, Eve Blair, Steven Janowicki, Paula Schneider

Greek Party Night

Mon 30 Oct 2017 7:15 pm

We enjoyed an evening of easier Greek dances, along with a feast of Greek and other eats, with our regular dancers and friends from the hills and our past.

Thanks to all who made it a good night.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Youngsters' Dance Course 4

Started Sat 28 Oct 2017 11am

The fourth Youngsters' Dance Course runs fortnightly for 4 Saturdays starting 28 October at 11 am.

2017 Youngster's Course

Casual classes cost $6 for 1 child, add a dollar for each additional child.

Note that children must be supervised by their parent / guardian at all times.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

For bookings or further information please contact Palenque Blair on 0423 834 439

Nedlands Advanced Dance

Sun 22 Oct 2017 3pm

Our monthly advanced dance session in Nedlands continued, 3-4:30 pm

This is a co-operative venture - dancers request, learn and teach the dances.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Hills Spring Party

Fri 20 Oct 2017 9:30 am

The Hills group held their annual spring party / birthday party at Parkerville hall, followed by a feast at Clare and David's beautiful farm home. Several flatlanders and a few novices joined the regulars for lots of easier dances.

Hills Party 2017

Dancing from 9:30 - 11:30 am at Parkerville Hall, Seaborne St, Parkerville, followed by garden party lunch and chat at Clare's

See the flyer

Oren Ashkenazi Workshop

Weekend 14-15 Oct 2017

Many of us enjoyed the Hora Shalom weekend workshop with the popular Israeli choreographer and dance teacher Oren Ashkenazi.

Oren Ashkenazi 2017

Oran also had a session on Monday evening in place of our Monday dance, where he taught Chupchik, a hectic dance based on the music of Serbian musician / band leader Goran Bregovich.

He also revised many of the dances from his weekend workshop.

Oren is not only a brilliant teacher and choreographer, but also a wonderful dancer. His choreographies involve the whole body, especially arms and hands, and he is a delight to watch.

A big "Thank You" to Hora Shalom for organising this event.

Hills Advanced Dance

Wed 11 Oct 2017 10:15am

Jenny Currell's advanced dance session in the Hills continued

The session time is 10:15-11:45 am at Glen Forrest Hall, cnr Marnie and Stathan Sts, Glen Forrest.

Jenny is particularly keen on Israeli dances, but won't be stopping there. Come prepared for a challenge.

Red Faces

Sat 23 Sep 2017 7 pm

A big thank you to all those who contributed to our annual Red Faces show of questionable entertainment, especially schemer in chief Leone, assisted by Deb.

We enjoyed(?) some 30 immensely varied acts, shared equally varied finger food in the break, and left with lots of smiles.

Red Faces 2017

Graduate Dance Session

Sun 17 Sep 2017 3pm

Our monthly graduate dance session in Nedlands kicked off with the revival of some challenging old favourites.

They're planned to run on the third Sunday of each month, 3-4:30 pm , until the end of 2017, and possibly continue after that.

This is a co-operative venture - graduates request, learn and teach the dances.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Hills Graduate Dance Session

Wed 13 Sep 2017 10:15am

Jenny Currell's graduate dance session in the Hills kicked off with some of Jenny's favourite Israeli and Armenian dances

The first session was 10:15-11:45 am at Glen Forrest Hall, cnr Marnie and Stathan Sts, Glen Forrest.

Jenny is particularly keen on Israeli dances, but won't be stopping there. Come prepared for a challenge.

Saturday Group birthday!

Sat 2 Sep 2017

The Saturday group celebrated its 16th birthday with a selection of easier dances and some festivities!

Saturday 16th Birthday

The theme: dress like you did when you were sweet (or otherwise) 16! Maybe a size larger.

As usual, bring a plate, and bring some friends.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Youngsters' Dance Course 3

11:00am Sat 26 Aug - 16 Sep 2017

The third Youngsters' Dance Course runs for 4 consecutive Saturdays from 26 August at 11 am.

2017 Youngster's Course

Casual classes cost $6 for 1 child, add a dollar for each additional child.

Note that children must be supervised by their parent / guardian at all times.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

For bookings or further information please contact Palenque Blair on 0423 834 439

Brightwater Redcliffe

Tue 15 Aug 2017

The performance group presented a selection of 5 Portuguese dances at the Brightwater Redcliffe nursing home, to celebrate the birthday of a Portuguese resident.

Macedonian Party Night

Mon 31 July 2017

We enjoyed a great Macedonian party with teaching and a dance demonstration by Ilinden Macedonian dance group. Ilinden are recognised as the top rank of folk dance groups in Western Australia, with beautiful costumes, delightful music and fascinating choreographies.

The performance and teaching were greatly appreciated by PIDs dancers and friends, including many circle dancers.

Our thanks to Ilinden, and to Tuna Dincer for organising this memorable event

2017 Macedonian Party

André Van De Plas Workshop

Weekend 1-2 July 2017

Every year, André van de Plas visits Australia with his latest selection of dances, and we are always delighted to host him.

Over 40 dancers attended this 2017 workshop, where he taught 11 dances from 7 countries.

As always, we rated the dances' popularity

Dance name Origin Votes
Lezzitli Yoghurt Turkey - Roma 13
Sarba Mariutei Romania 10
Ha Oreach Israel 8
Cemen Turkey - Kurdistan 5
Mesecina Kosovo 4
Dafno Greece 3
Strandzansko Horo Bulgaria 3
Tou Paradeisou Greece 3
Oj Vardare Makedonski Macedonia 2
The Castro Almaine England 2
Hora Din Caras Romania 1

Youngsters' Dance Course 2

Start 11:00am Sat 20 May 2017

Palenque's second dance course for youngsters, aged 2 to 7, kicked off on Saturday. It's running immediately after the Saturday dance class, while the adults are having coffee and chatting.

2017 Youngster's Course

May Day Party without Coins

Mon 1 May 2017

Our friends "The Last Five Coins" were due to play for our May Day party night, but unfortunately Mark Bozikovic was unable to play, so ...

we wore red and spring themes, and danced to recorded music. We were delighted to have several guest dancers from the North Beach circle dance group, and a highlight of the evening was a performance by the Turkish Australian Culture House Singing Group, singing both a traditional Turkish song, and a Turkish version of Bella Cioa (take note Erdoğan?).

TACH Singing Group

Dancers with John

Dancers at May Day

Fairbridge Workshop

Sat 22 Apr 2017

Four of our teachers, along with a variation of "The Last Five Coins" band, presented a workshop of simple Balkan dances to an enthusiastic group of dancers.

Called the Balkan Beats Workshop, the teachers were Palenque, Eve, Jennifer, and John, and The Coins lineup was Russell Johnsen, Jenny and David Hoffman, Tenille Kroemer, and Rob Kaye.

Fairbridge is WA's premier world music festival - Fairbridge website

Youngster Dance Sessions

Sat 11 Mar 2017 9:25-10:00 am

... to Sat 1 Apr 2017

2017 Youngster's Course

Palenque's Introduction to International Dance sessions for 2-7 year olds was held, with mixed reactions from the kids, and lots of enthusiasm from the parents.

But the kids soon came around and had fun.

Print poster

Ira Weisburd Workshop

Sat 25 Feb 2017 10am - 1pm

We were delighted to be joined by our friends from Hora Shalom and Hora Maccabi for this great workshop with choreographer / teacher Ira Weisburd.

Ira 2017 Workshop

As always, Ira was the consummate professional, teaching interesting choreographies with clarity and gentle patience.

The dances taught were

Dance name Style
Shirto Bulgaria
Ne Klepeci Bosnia
Bellitikos Greece
Ima Im Hayiti Yachol Israel
Fado Portugues Portugal
Lucky Lucky Country Australia Contra
Dona, Dona Yiddish
W Moim Ogrodetsku Poland
Hassapico Empatiko Greece
Rikud Hashalom Israel

Workshop Poster

Turkish Dance Lesson

Mon 6 Feb 2017 7:15pm


In place of our regular Monday lesson, Tuna Dincer taught some Turkish dance from her Turkish Australia Culture House repertoire.

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Congratulations Bea and Virgile

Weds 18 Jan 2017

Congratulations Beatrice Suom and Virgile on the birth of baby Andrea. Bea danced with PID and Souleiado in 2013 before returning to her native France

Xmas Parties

Sat 17 / Mon 19 Dec 2016

The International dance year ended with the usual Xmas parties, lots of friends and occasional dancers, food, easy dances, live music by The Last Five Coins and friends on the Monday.

And we got our first peek at Shaharig and Dave's baby Siranoush. 'Til next year, enjoy the break!!!



Sun 11 Dec 2016 2-5pm


The last contradance for the year, with a stage full of wonderful musicians, dances taught and called by Steven Janowiecki and Alison Scott, a waltz or two, and even a Cajun jitterbug in the break - a fine farewell to 2016.

See the flyer

St Margaret's Church Hall, corner of Elizabeth and Tyrell Streets, Nedlands

Hills Xmas Party

Fri 9 Dec 2016 9:30-11:00

The Hills' group had their Xmas party, followed by an indoor picnic at Clare and Dave's home.


Mon 28 Nov 2016

The AGM saw some changes to the committee, with Martin Williams and Anne Griffiths joining as committee members.

Thanks to retiring committee members Debra Harewood, Pat Charlton, Sally Wojnor-Horton and Cindy Innes for their contributions over the years.


Sun 13 Nov 2016 2-5pm


Another great contradance, with great music by Steven Janowiecki's friendly cohort, and dances called by Steven and visiting dance caller 'Mike' from Seattle.

See the flyer

St Margaret's Church Hall, cnr Tyrell and Elisabeth Sts, Nedlands. Google map

40th Birthday Party

Sat 12 Nov 2016

It was a big night, celebrating PID's 40th birthday (the Ruby party). About 100 members, ex-members and friends filled St Margaret's Church Hall, Nedlands with dance, music and feasting.

We enjoyed performances by Souleiado, TACH Turkish dance, and PID, Sara Friedman taught some party friendly Israeli dances, the Last Five Coins and friends provided their wonderful live music, and everyone joined in lots of dance.

A big, big thank you to all those involved in making it work.

Check the reminiscences and wishes for our 40 years in our Grapevine 40th Anniversary Issue



Performing at Fremantle Arts Centre 1976.

L-R Eve Blair, Doug Pianta, Brenda Harvey, Ken Pinches, Steph ?, Helen Tyrell, John Barker, Mary Drake, Tom Flood, David Blair

See the flyer

Fremantle Street Parade

Sun 6 Nov 2016

A small group of us joined the Fremantle Festival Street Parade, along with musicians Russell Johnsen, Jenny Hoffman and Tenille. We danced basic hora and Nigun Atik, as we paraded through the streets of Fremantle, amid the din of various samba and Indonesian dancers.

Freo Street Parade 2016  Freo Street Parade 2016
Freo Street Parade 2016  Freo Street Parade 2016

Hills Spring Party

Fri 4 Nov 2016

The Hills Group held their annual Spring Party at Parkerville Hall, and followed with a picnic at Claire's beautiful country garden. Parkerville Hall, Seaborne St, Parkerville.



Halloween Party Night

Mon 31 Oct 2016

A ghoulish evening of dance, feasting and unfamiliar faces.


Perth Glendi Greek

Sun 23 Oct 2016

Not a PID event but ... a few of us joined the festivities of the Perth Glendi Greek festival, including a thoroughly random "Zorba" dance (a syrtos) around Russell Square.


Jenny and John Bardill and Cyndie Innes look unsure while the massed syrtos dancers wave their hands in the air.

See their website

Welcome Siranoush

Sat 17 Sep 2016

Congratulations Shaharig and Dave on the birth of their baby Siranoush Shabaziantan.


Sun 9 Oct 2016 2-5pm


The second contradance workshop, with over 40 dancers enjoying live music at St Margaret's Church Hall, cnr Tyrell and Elisabeth Sts, Nedlands. Google map

See the flyer

Hills Workshop

Fri 30 Sep 2016 9:30am

Jennifer ran a 2 hour workshop, focussing on André's 2016 dances, at Darlington Hall

No Dance by the River

Mon 26 Sep 2016 3pm

What wasn't. Our Dance by the River was cancelled, when the weather forecast looked unpleasant.

Saturday Birthday Party

Sat 17 Sep 2016

Saturday group's 15th birthday - Peter Fallon prepared a marathon playlist, but we also found time to eat, of course.


Sun 11 Sep 2016 2-5pm

St Margaret's was alive with music and contradance when 10 musicians played for a hall full of dancers. Steven Janowiecki called the dances, his partner Amanda played fiddle, with a group of brilliant local musicians, including our long time friends The Last Five Coins, and David and Jenny Hoffman.

It was an opportunity for dancers from several folk dance traditions to get together and learn new ways of getting it wrong.


See the flyer

Red Faces

Sat 10 Sep 2016 7pm

Our annual Red Faces show of questionable entertainment was a great success, some fine talent, and some hilarious and slightly disturbing acts that probably shouldn't have been video recorded! The only problem was a shortage of seats! Who'd have thought?

Congratulations to Leone and everyone else on a memorable evening. Sorry, we don't offer counselling.


The crowd goes wild with the plastic plate Can Can at the Red Faces opening ceremony.

Greek Party night

Mon 29 Aug 2016 7:30pm

We never got to dance Zorba, but about 20 dancers got together to share dances and food at our Greek dance evening.

Google map

Pudding night

Sat 20 Aug 2016 6:30pm

We contributed to St Margaret's Pudding Night fundraiser, with Palenque teaching dances to live music with Steven Janowiecki and the Last Five Coins.

Laurel de Vietri also taught some French dances and Sara Friedman taught Israeli dance, with Steven Janowiecki winding the night up with some simple contradances.

André Van De Plas Workshop

Weekend 2-3 July 2016

Another great workshop with André Van De Plas! André taught 10 dances, and left with our thanks and a gift of 2 of our PID coffee mugs

As always, we rated the dances' popularity

Dance name Origin Votes
Marino Oro Macedonia 10
Tziltzeley Shama Israel 7
Masat Nafshi Israel 7
Logodarsko Oro Bulgaria 6
Oj Maju Maju Ukraine 6
Di Alargu Vruta Mea Romania - Aroman 5
Hora Pe Sase Romania 4
Operetten Medley Austria 4
Athela Mou Greece - Roma 3
Ajde Jano Kosovo 2

For details, click André Workshop

André Workshop 2015

PID Mugs Arrived

Wed 22 June 2016

Our PID printed coffee mugs finally arrived, decorated with an image of Bulgarian dancers, painted by local artist Boriana Todorova.

The competition for the design was strong, with over 20 entries submitted, and two rounds of voting by the members.

The competition runner up was a design by our past president Martin Williams.


View the artwork shortlist and vote details!

Turkish Party night

Mon 30 May 2016

A fun party night, we wore red and white, or something Turkish, ate hommus, Turkish bread and lokum, and did lots of Turkish dances with visitors from the Turkish community and a belly dancer or two.

Contradance at Nedlands

Sat 21 May 2016

Not a PID event, but many of our dancers joined the fundraising contradance organised by Steven Janowiecki, at St Margaret's church hall.

Steven taught a special class on Saturday 7 May so we knew what to expect. On the night, the hall was packed, and we had a great time shared with The Last Five Coins and other musicians, and dancers from Souleiado French dance group.

Steven calling contradance

Well done Steven!

Coffee Mug Artwork Submissions

Weds 18 May 2016

Entries closed for our coffee mug artwork competition, with 23 designs submitted. These were printed onto paper coffee mugs so members can vote for their favourite.

Voting started on Friday 20 May at the Hills session.

Coffee Mugs Designs

Saturday 2016 Start

Sat 9 Jan 2016

Saturday sessions restarted after the Xmas NY break with Laurel teaching French dance.

Monday 2016 Start

Mon 4 Jan 2016

After the Xmas and New Year celebrations, we kicked off the new year of dance with Sarah teaching, and at our new 7:30pm start time.

Saturday Christmas Party

Sat 19 Dec 2015

We had a good turnout for our Saturday xmas party, with too much food as usual, and a nice mix of dances including lots of Israeli for our Hora Shalom friends.

Saturday Xmas Party

Monday Christmas Party

Mon 14 Dec 2015

We had a good turnout for our Monday group Christmas party, with music played by our favourite band - The Last Five Coins. We shared dance, food and friendship, Santa dropped in for a quick dance, and we were pleased to have the company of Hora Shalom dancers.

Monday Xmas Party

Baby Leo Moai

Tues 8 Dec 2015

Congratulations Brigita and Marco on new family member Leo. When does he start lessons?

Hills Christmas Party

Fri 4 Dec 2015

The Hills regulars were joined by some of the dancers from the flatlands, to enjoy Jennifer's selection of easier dances and a mini banquet of Xmas fare.

A big "Thank you" to Jennifer for her efforts over the years, and for an enjoyable celebration.

Hills Xmas

AGM and Party

Mon 30 Nov 2015

A short lesson, an AGM which returned all the existing committee and 2 new members (Cyndie Innes and Steven Janowiecki), then snacks and some dancing. Not so painful.

Fremantle Street Parade

Sun 1 Nov 2015

This year about 20 dancers, including a number of our friends from Hora Shalom, took part in the Fremantle Festival Street Parade, dancing basic hora, Nigun Atik, Tarantella and Hora Medura to the music of Russell Johnsen and Mark Bozikovic.

It was a bit crazy, starting at our gathering point among the jugglers, steampunk pirates, feathery samba dance girls, Russian dancers and percussion ensembles - a continuous cacophony and feast for the eyes.

Before the start, we worried that we wouldn't hear our violin and accordion over the noise of the samba percussion bands, but in the end it wasn't a problem. It was a challenge to keep up with the parade when it stopped for a while and then rushed off, but we settled into it, enjoyed ourselves and got a warm response from the onlookers.

Freo Parade 2015 1 Freo Parade 2015 2

Special thanks to The Last Five Coins (Russell and Mark), Hora Shalom, Palenque for choreography, John and Jenny Bardill for bringing the banner, and all who joined the dance!!!
Hopefully, we can do it again next year.

Dance by the River

Mon 28 Sep 2015

On the Queen's Birthday long weekend, Monday evening dance was cancelled, and a few of us got together at 3pm on the Matilda Bay foreshore.

Thanks to Jennifer for bringing her battery powered music system, and John and Jenny for bringing the banner.

As usual, we danced just north of the Matilda Bay Tea Rooms. Google maps -31.981914, 115.821024

Red Faces

Sat 19 Sep 2015

A night of memorable performances, as our dancers and friends showed their talents, or a lack thereof. Thanks to all the performers, and a special thanks to Leone for organising this event every year.

Saturday Birthday

Sat 5 Sep 2015

The Saturday morning dance sessions turned 14, and we celebrated with easy dances and lots of food. We even had a brief visit from Joy Hill, who started it 14 years ago.

Greek Party

Greek Dance Party

Mon 31 Aug 2015

We had a fun evening with live Greek music from "Hellenic Duo" (Anastasis and Pilarinos), and lots of guests from Hora Shalom and circle dancing. And a chance to see Palenque and Damon's baby Hanna.

A big thanks to all who contributed!!

See the flyer

Baby Hanna

Thur 30 July 2015

Congratulations Palenque and Damon on new family member Hanna. When does she start lessons?

Chidlow French Night

Tues 14 July 2015

Not a PID event, but ...

Our teacher Jennifer Eyre ran another successful fundraiser dance for the Old Chidlow Hall, to coincide with Bastille day - see this poster for details.

André 2015 Workshop

Weekend 4-5 July 2015

About 35 dancers came to this wonderful and exhausting workshop. It was great to see so many Hills people making the descent to the lowlands - PID might have to relocate to Mundaring at this rate.

André taught 11 dances, and left with our thanks and a personalised t-shirt.

As usual, we voted on the dances taught, and the list in order of popularity is:

Dance nameVotes
Nasata Makedonia11
Goral Eichad10
Grad Se Beli9
De Vleuter8
Op Sa7
Jiana De La Tilisca6
Mari Kiz4
Kolo Od Sidic4
Nu Voi Dado2
Sheleg Al Iri2

Special thanks to Leone, Pat and Peter for catering and decorating, to Eve for hosting Andre, and everyone who was involved in organising and running the show.

Andre2015 Group photo

For reference, the workshop promo page.

André T-shirt Orders

May 2015

We made 20 Andre 2015 workshop T-shirts for the workshop on 4 July. Jennifer Eyre's artwork looks great! Thanks to Jennifer Eyre and Jenny Bardill for organising this!!!

Chidlow Hall Workshop

Tues 12 May 2015

Jennifer Eyre led a very successful workshop for about 30-40 dancers at the Old Chidlow Hall, Chidlow, as a fundraiser for the hall. As a bonus, The Friday group now has a few new dancers.

Glendi Greek Festival

Sun 26 Apr 2015

Not a PID event, but ... we had fun anyway. Several of us got down to Russell Square to enjoy the Greek music, food and dance, and we joined in the mass Zorba dance.

Hora Shalom Workshop

Oren Ashkenazi

Mon 20 Apr 2015

Special Monday session run by Hora Shalom.

To celebrate 20 years of dancing, Hora Shalom presented a workshop with visiting teacher Oren Ashkenazi.

PID co-operated with Hora Shalom so that Oren could teach dance on the Monday evening instead of our regular session, and we enjoyed his enthusiasm, energy, and sense of fun.

Greek Teacher Matthew

Mon 13 Apr 2015

Matthew Loucas, a guest teacher from the Greek community, taught simple popular versions of Greek dances, in preparation for the Glendi festival on Sun 26 April

The dances were simple enough for beginners, and Matthew's comments on style details were interesting for the experienced dancers.

Autumn Harvest Party

Mon 30 Mar 2015

Share the harvest, wear the harvest! Our party night on 30 March had a bucolic theme, and lots of easy dances for friends to enjoy.

Harmony Day 20 Mar 2015

Three dancers (Eve, Palenque and John) presented a few dances at Rossmoyne Senior High School as part of their Harmony Day celebrations.

We danced in their dance studio during their lunch break, and at the end had a 'join-in' session. We were delighted that about 20 students gave up their lunch time, and the teachers were the first up when we asked for participation.

National Folk Festival 2014

Our teachers Eve, Palenque and John travelled to Canberra in May 2014 and joined with the Last Five Coins to present three dance workshops.

Two of the workshops were based on ideas that we had previously trialled at Fairbridge Festival - Games People Dance and Recycled Dances - and the third was Advanced Cajun.

We had the support of Canberra local dancer and friend Marie Wynter, who helped with teaching and accommodated us. We also had the assistance of Franklin B Paverty bush band, who provided live music for the Cajun workshop.

Dance at Matilda Bay

Mon 30 Sep 2013

We danced from 4-6pm, at the Matilda Bay foreshore, instead of the Monday night session at St Margaret's

Political Party

Sat 7 Sep 2013

On election day, we danced away our election blues with a Political Party dance.

André Workshop 2013

Weekend 7-8 Sep 2013

10am-1pm and 2-5pm Sat, 10:30am-1:30pm Sunday
St. Margaret's Church Hall, cnr Tyrell and Elizabeth St, Nedlands.

Flyer and Registration Form here.

Dance Picnic by the River

Sat 1 Jun 2013

Sat 1st June 10am - 12noon instead of normal class

Come and join us down by the river at Matilda Bay

Monday Start Time

Mon 6 Mar 2013

Monday evening sessions run from 7:15 until 9:15pm (previously 7-9:30pm).

2013 Classes resume

Mon 7 Jan 2013

Sat 12 Jan 2013

End of Year Parties 2012

Mon 17 Dec 2012

With live music by the Last Five Coins from 8pm.
Bring a plate of food to share. Bring a friend. Dress up if you dare.

St. Margarets Church Hall, cnr Tyrell and Elizabeth St, Nedlands.

Sat 22 Dec 2012

Bring a plate of food to share (no added sugar is the challenge).
Bring a friend. Dress in red and/or green.

St. Margarets Church Hall, cnr Tyrell and Elizabeth St, Nedlands.

AGM 2012

Mon 26 Nov 2012

St. Margarets Church Hall, cnr Tyrell and Elizabeth St, Nedlands.

Balkan Workshop with Yorgo Kaporis

Weekend 13-14 Oct 2012

10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm Sat 13th Oct, and 10:30am - 1:30pm Sun 14th Oct
St. Margarets Church Hall, cnr Tyrell and Elizabeth St, Nedlands.

As always, Yorgo Kaporis delived a fun workshop with many fine authentic folk dances.

See the Flyer, the Yorgo Info and Registration Form.

Workshop in the Hills

Sun 26 Aug 2012

Jenny Currell and Jennifer Eyre presented Armenian and Balkan dances, recently learnt from renowned choreographers/teachers Tineke Van Geel and Yves Moreau.

Parkerville Hall, Seabourne St, Parkerville
Sessions 10am-1pm 2pm-4pm (BYO lunch, morning tea provided)

Great dances - interesting music - friendly teachers - exercise and fun

See the flyer, and the Registration Form.

Party Night - Turkish Theme

Mon 30 July 2012

St. Margarets, cnr Tyrell and Elizabeth St, Nedlands.

7pm Bring a plate to share.

Workshop in Bali July 2012

July 2012

Several of our dancers attended the Armenian and Bulgarian dance workshop with Tineke Van Geel and Yves Moreau, held in Bali.

Ira Weisburd 2012

Sat 19 May 2012

Mon 21 May 2012

Dance choreographer and teacher Ira Weisburd presented dances from various countries, other than Israel (his speciality)

For reference, the flyer.

Ira also taught Israeli dances for Hora Shalom on the following weekend.

2012 Classes Resume

Saturday morning classes resume 7th Jan

Monday evening classes resume 9th Jan

Friday Hills classes resume 10th Feb

End-of-Year Parties 2011

Monday Night - 19th Dec from 7pm with Last Five Coins providing live music. St. Margarets, cnr Tyrell and Elizabeth St, Nedlands. Bring a plate to share.

Saturday - 10th Dec 10am-12, Sat 10th Dec at St. Margarets. Bring a plate to share.

Friday in the Hills - 16th Dec from 9:30am at Mundaring Scout Hall, Jacoby St, Mundaring.

And 17th Dec - Hora Shalom Party. for details

AGM 2011

Monday 28th Nov 2011

Baby Felix

Thur 24 Nov 2011

Congratulations to Palenque and Damon (and Grandmother Eve) on the safe arrival of baby Felix, weighing 3.05kg and 53cm long.

Baby_Felix  Baby_Felix, Palenque and Damon

Dance Without Borders Workshop

Weekend 1-2 Oct 2011

We ran a beginners dance workshop in Denmark, WA. See the Flyer and Registration Form

Mediterranean Party Night

Mon 29 Aug 2011

We danced simple dances with a Mediterranean theme - dances from Greece, Italy, France, Turkey and more - and partied.

Sat Group's 10th Birthday

Sat 20 Aug 2011

The Alphabetical Retrospective - one dance for each letter of the alphabet - and a party

Sara grandmother

Fri 12 Aug 2011

Sara and Pippa  Sara is now a proud grandma - her daughter Lee gave birth to baby Pippa.

André 2011 Workshop

Weekend 16-17 July 2011

Another great weekend workshop with André van der Plas from Holland teaching dances from around the world.

Dances Taught: Votes
Ako Umran Macedonia/Bulgaria 5
Tora Ora Israel 8
Cosnencuta Romania 4
The Muirsheen Durkin Ireland 3
Mavromata Greece 4
Al Je Lijepo Croatia 5
Momino Choro Bulgaria 9
Rokdim El Ha Mayim Israel 16
Valle Vajres e Korces Albania 8
Hora de Munte Romania 1
Bobik Dzjour Mi Era Armenia 1

Cosnencuta - In Romania in the Snow!

Rokdim - Watch Choreographer Rafi Ziv

Sat 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm and Sun 10:30am-1:30pm

Morning Tea provided - BYO Lunch

St Margaret's Church Hall, cnr Tyrell & Elizabeth St, Nedlands.

Registrations Form here
Full workshop $60 members $70 non-members.
Discount $5 if paid by 4th July
Or Per Session $25 members $30 non-members

Belmont Harmony Week Concert

Sun 13 Mar 2011

Perth International Dance performed at the Belmont Harmony Week Concert.

Tomato Lake, Scenic Drive (Cnr Oats St) Kewdale.

2011 Classes Resume

Saturday morning classes resumed 8th Jan

Monday evening classes resumed 10th Jan

Friday Hills classes resumed 11th Feb

End of Year Parties 2010

Sat 18 Dec 2010

10:00am, St Margaret's Hall, cnr Tyrell & Elizabeth St, Nedlands

Bring a plate of finger food to share

Mon 20 Dec 2010

>7pm, with Live Music by the "Last Five Coins"

Bring a plate of finger food to share

St Margaret's Hall, cnr Tyrell & Elizabeth St, Nedlands

$10 at the door OR

$7 for members, $9 for non-members pre-paid at regular Monday class

AGM 2010

Mon 28 Nov 2010

St Margaret's Hall, cnr Tyrell & Elizabeth St, Nedlands

Yorgo Kaporis Workshop 2010

Weekend 2-3 Oct 2010

Yorgo is a great dancer and teacher from Sydney specialising in dances from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece and the Balkans generally.

St Margaret's Church Hall, Nedlands.

André 2010 Workshop

Weekend 3-4 July 2010

Another great weekend workshop with André van der Plas from Holland teaching dances from around the world.

St Margaret's Church Hall, Nedlands.

End of Year Parties 2009

Fri 18th Dec 9:30am
Mundaring Scout Hall, Jacoby St, Mundaring
Bring a plate of food or drink to share

Sat and Mon Parties at St Margaret's Hall, cnr Tyrell & Elizabeth St, Nedlands

Saturday 19th Dec 10:30am

Bring a plate of finger food to share

Monday 21st Dec 7pm

with Live Music by the "Last Five Coins"

Bring a plate of finger food to share

$10 at the door OR

$5 for members, $7 for non-members pre-paid at regular Monday class

Kulcha Workshop

Sat 5 Dec 2008?

Dance workshop with the "Flying Carpathians" at Kulcha multicultural venue.

Pt Peron Camp 2008

Weekend 9-10 Nov 2008

The 2008 Pt Peron Camp will feature New Zealand dance teacher Fiona Murdoch. Fiona lived in Perth a number of years ago and taught us many great dances. She has been President of Folk Dance New Zealand and runs Celtic and International dance classes in NZ.

Click here to see the flyer with details and registration information.

André Workshop 2008

Weekend 19-20 July 2008

Another great weekend workshop with Andre van der Plas from Holland teaching dances from around the world.

St Margaret's Church Hall, Nedlands.

Click here to see the flyer with details and registration information.

Mid-Winter Party

Mon 30 June 2008

Easy dances and party with complimentary MULLED WINE for our mid-winter party.

Dany Benshalom Workshop

Mon 26 May 2008

World renown Israeli dance teacher Dany Benshalom taught at PIFDG Monday evening 26th May.

Beginners Course 2008

3 May - 28 June 2008

Palenque presented an 8 week beginners course 11:30am - 12:30 on Saturday mornings in the John Leckie Hall, College Park, Melvista Ave, Nedlands.

Fairbridge Festival 2008

24-27 April 2008

PIFDG and the Last Five Coins presented a workshop at the Fairbridge Festival.

Point Peron Camp 2007

Saturday Group's 6th Birthday and
2007 Xmas / End of Year Parties

It was great to see so many people at the Saturday group's 6th birthday party. Thanks to everyone who came for helping make it a special day.

The 2007 Xmas / End of Year Party day was great too and here are some photos.

André Workshop 2007

Weekend 21-22 July 2007

About 45 people attended the 2007 workshop by Andre. We learnt 13 new dances from a range of countries as detailed below as well as dancing the Saturday night away to live music by the Flying Carpathians.

Andre 2007 attendees

Andre 2007 lesson
the lesson

Andre 2007 cuppa
Relaxing with a cuppa

Andre 2007 break
A break

The Dances that Andre taught and the number of 'popularity' votes were:

Sarba de la TulceaRomania10
Pazardzijska KopanitsaBulgaria9
Greek CocekTurkey8
Hora EvreiascaRomania7
Oee NazeArmenia6
Janiman KavrakhSyria5
Behar ha GilboaMacedonia2
The Big CorralEngland1

Hills Performance at Yallambee Retirement Village

23 May 2007

The Hills Group and friends performed at the Yallambee Retirement Village and Nursing Home, and emjoyed lunch afterwards at Jenny's place.
Yallambee dancers
Jenny, Helen, Jean, Sarah,Sue, Nina,
Jenny S, Mary, Leone and Jennifer

Thanks to John Bardill for taking the photos.
Tzardik Katamar
Tzadik Katamar from Israel
Hora Fun Moldova
Hora Fun Moldova

AusDance International Dance Day

29 Apr 2007

We were scheduled to perform at Australian Dance Week "TasteDanceJam" Multicultural Dance Day on the Perth Esplanade, but it was not to be!

Ausdance 2007 rehearsal  Ausdance 2007 rain

The gig was cancelled at the last moment due to rain, but the sun came out and we spent the afternoon socialising.

National Folk Festival 2007

5 Apr 2007

Nine members of our group performed and ran workshops at the National Folk Festival in Canberra over the Easter Weekend 5th-9th April 2007. We also attended many other dance and music events and had a great time.
Our main performance was at the Piazza venue on Friday.
NFF Rov Brachot Rov Brachot from Israel
Zvarniara from Greece
Nina, Palenque, Jennifer and Jenny
Jenny, Jennifer and Palenque
Ijswalz from Holland
John, Palenque, and others
Aghchke Jerazanke Aghchke Jerazanke
Aghchke Jerazanke with our "Armenians"
Jenny, Jennifer and Palenque
Garoon from Armenia
Peter, John, and others
Ovive Yerk
Ovive Yerk from Armenia
Hopa Horonu
Hopa Horonu from Turkey
Opas from Bulgaria
Peter, John, Martin
Muhtarin Oglu Ali
finally, Muhtarin Oglu Ali from Turkey
Martin, Jennifer, John, Jennifer,
Palenque, Nina, Peter, Joyce, Pam

André Workshop - July 1999

Weekend 17-18 July 1999

Andre's almost annual workshop.

Time 10:00am - 1pm; 2pm - 5pm
Place: Uniting Church Hall; 2A Willis St; Mosman Park
Cost: For all 4 sessions: $60 for non-Members; $50 Members; concession $5
Fees include tea and coffee. Please bring your own lunch.

Information?: Call Leone on 9364 9591, Martin on 9326 6077

Look out for the separate flyer for the party on Saturday evening

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