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Festivals / Events / Seminars

Stefche Stojkovski Macedonian seminars

Australian National Folk Festival

Gennetines French dance festival

French St Chartier (Le Son Continu) instrument makers and dance festival

Andancas dance festival in Portugal

Zornitsa Bulgarian dance workshop

Tineke Van Geel Armenian dance seminars / tours

Dance Organisations

Folk Dance Australia - National folk dance organisation

AusDance - National dance organisation, the Australia Dance Council.

Society of Folk Dance Historians (includes references for dance notes).

Dance Notes

Folk Dance Federation of California, South

Folkdance Footnotes - dance background info and videos

Folk Dance Federation of California

Bob Shapiro's dance notes

Andrew Carnie's notes

Tom Deering's dance notes

Dunav Balkan Dance notes, videos, music and more

Israeli Dances Asia Pacific

Dance notes in German

Our web hosts

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